Thursday, December 6, 2012

Past Few Months...

Well Brad informed me the other day that I have really been lagging in the blogging department. So this morning since Devin is still asleep and Alex is at school I thought I would do a little catch up. The stuff I missed I will recap in our end of the year post.

Alex was a Red Lego Ninja and Devin was Doc Mcstuffins.

We drove up to my parents house in Oregon this year for thanksgiving. We made a pit stop in Boise and the next day made the 8 1/2 hour drive to the coast. I was a little nervous how the kids would do since we had never gone more than 7 hours before. But they did great! I would never attempt it if we didn't have portable DVD players though. The weather the first day was crazy! Raining and the wind was blowing up to 85 mph off shore. Wednesday we went down to the Aquarium in Newport and had some lunch on the bayfront. It turned out to be a pretty day with a little bit of sunshine and the rain stopped while we were at the aquarium so we could walk around outside. On the way back we stopped and the beach. The kids loved it and wanted to play in the water, with rain boots of course. Well since it's winter if you don't pay attention sometimes the water will get you. Alex and Devin were fighting over a rock and I was refereeing when a wave came up and got us. I picked up Devin and was able to keep her dry and told Alex to run, but her didn't make it and was drenched. So we headed back. Thanksgiving was fun. We just hung out with the kids, walked on the beach with great weather and ate some delicious dinner. On the way back we stayed in Boise with my cousin. It was great to catch up and see how big her kids are. My kids loved playing with Daniel and Kaylee!

Last weekend we went to the Zoo Light with some friends. The kids loved playing together and running around. The zoo lights were cool. It was packed when we first got there but by the time we left there weren't too many people. The kids rode the Carousel and loved seeing the few animals that weren't sleeping.

Watching Brave

The Aquarium with Nanny and Papa

Devin loved the sea lions

Wow, all of us are looking at the camera and Alex isn't making a weird face!

On the Beach! (Prior to the wave incident)

 Thanksgiving Day!

Devin Also moved into her big girl bed.
Sleeping in her big girl bed

Her new big girl bedroom. I refinished my dresser from when I was little and made her a bed skirt and pillowcase. 

Devin also started gymnastics
Devin Loves gymnastics. She threw a giant fit when it was over and we had to leave.

My little gymnast

 We started the Elf on the Shelf this year.
Santa wrote the kids a letter telling them about the Elf Scout and to be good, and our Elf Clarke brought us snow covered donuts for a North Pole Breakfast.
Clarke with all his goodies and letter from Santa

Eating their North Pole Breakfast. Yes Both of them dressed up for Breakfast

Zoo Lights
 Mirra, Alex, Ty & Devin 

Devin Riding the Zebra

Alex told me that his favorite animal was a Rhinoceros

And Mirra riding the Polar Bear.

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Ashley King said...

DVD players or not, you guys are brave to do that drive with little kids! Devin's room is seriously so dang probably should come design Brekke's new room for me since I struggle! haha Also I love both of their Halloween costumes. Okay you've inspired me, I need to catch up on my blog soon.